“DEUCE HANDS are Better Than One”

Deuce Hands Inc. is a  501(c)(3) non-profit organization which means that your generous monetary or in-kind donations may entitle you to a charitable contribution deduction on your income taxes.

Mission -to give back to the community by helping the homeless and less fortunate by providing them with  basic need essentials as well as resources to supportive services. Through the services and donations from Deuce Hands, Inc. the mission is to enrich the lives of  individuals facing adversity and promote self-sufficiency.

Vision– to empower other individuals to give unselfishly of their time to help the homeless.  As more individuals share in the mission of Deuce Hands,  the vision is to ensure that homelessness is minimized and those less fortunate individuals are provided with the necessary resources to successfully re-enter society.

Meaning Behind the Name– There are two main meanings of the word DEUCE  which is related to the number TWO.  “Two Hands are Better Than One” signifies that with extra hands to assist, more can be accomplished in a shorter period of time and a wider range of homeless individuals can be reached.

Deuce assembling supplies for Compassion Bags to be given to homeless individuals and homeless shelters